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How to Use the Theme Idea Generator

Everybody can get stuck for ideas sometimes, but by using the Theme Idea Generator you can get a jumpstart on creativity and open up unlimited possibilities for customizing to your exhibit or event.

How the Ideas Are Structured

In each of the broad categories you'll find specific theme ideas. Within each of those, you'll find specific prompts for decor, attire, printed materials, activities, gifts and more that will bring the theme to life.

Next, gather your team together to have a brainstorming session. You may uncover elements that really unify your message and your target audience in a way they'll always remember.

The most effective themes create a 360-degree perspective so that attendees feel fully immersed in the concept and message. It's about much more than simply themed decor and props!

Reflect your theme in every way possible – your print materials, online communications, speakers or entertainment at your event, gifts you present to attendees, and more.

A Word of Caution!

You may wonder why some of the ideas listed have somewhat vague names and descriptions instead of their more-popular terms. That's usually because what you think of them as is the trademarked or protected name.

For example, we've used Winter Games and Summer Games instead of the overall "O" word, which is fiercely protected as a brand. So when you craft your themes, you'll want to avoid those terms as well to keep your organization out of legal hot water. (We've attempted to note these issues within each of the ideas where it could cause a problem, but it's always best to consult your own legal experts for clarification.)